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Latest News

14/09/2017 06:40
Reduces interest .......
Bitcoin price going down l!!!! so we decide to reduce 0.03% to all Bitcoin Tipaul rates !!!   Bitcoin Tipaul 
25/08/2017 06:45
New way to get money!
Soon you will have the opportunity to win investment packages by bidding contest system !! Stay tuned.....   Bitcoin Tipaul 
13/08/2017 03:48
Rates going up !!!
Bitcoin price going up like a rocket !!!! so we decide to add 0.03% to all Bitcoin Tipaul rates !!! 
10/08/2017 04:51
Drop down withdraw
We ma ke the decision to drop down the withdrawal from $8.00 to $3.00 
07/08/2017 05:53
We start today
We start the new BITCOIN TIPAUL today August 07th 2017.